Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some taxi drivers are like extortioners.

YES! It's so true. What has happened to the rule where all taxi drivers need to charge their passengers according to the reading on their meter?

Taxi rides nowadays are charging people 'cut-throat' prices.

Here are a few examples to back up my claim :

1. I don't usually travel around with a taxi in Taiping but when I had to stay in Penang for several days, I was left with no choice. My brother and I didn't know our way around the apartment we were stayed, so to keep the story short, we got lost!
We then decided to catch a taxi back and though he just had to take us down a few lanes, he charged us RM8.00. He claimed that all taxi nowadays charge that as a flat rate. No matter how short a journey, that is the basic fee of hopping into his taxi. WOW. We expected it to be like... at the most RM 5.00?

2. Another taxi. When we asked him how much, he gave us a rather unreasonable rate but we had no choice as we were in a rush. When we got into the taxi, he used a piece of cloth to cover his meter (apparently, all of the meters in the taxi I have leaped on weren't functioning).

I think the government should take legal actions against these people.
It is only fair both ways if the taxi driver uses a meter.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Exams are finally over. I'm exhilarated actually.

I'm having a really horrible time tolerating this stupid food poisoning =(

This is the worst part. I promised to meet up with sui aing after tuition yesterday night.
On the way there, I felt the worst kind of pain. My stomach was twisting. UrgH.

I then asked my brother to drive us home first saying i want to throw up and I eventually did.

Will update soon, when I have the mood to do so :)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The long gone but unforgotten, which ends now.

Awesome. So awesome. Extremely awesome :D

My brother is FINALLY back!! Whee~ Never found myself so happy for the longest the longest time.
A kind of feeling that is out of the ordinary.

I'm feeling rather lazy to blog since I have to much to say to my brother. Haha.

Anyway, if you people don't know. My brother and I are like no ordinary brother and sister. Why?
Because we talk too much, and we are extremely close. Muahaha.

I will be posting more when I'm a little bored of my brother. Just kidding. That will never happen cause even an eternity with him would not be enough for me.