Thursday, January 31, 2008


I'm so tired. What a lame way to start my post but yeah.. I'm tired.

Bio classes just ended and I'm half dead. On the brighter side of things, I've dropped physics! =)

I know I'm a naughty girl ( Edmund constantly reminds me that I'm one-haha) I slept in class just now- or at least I was brain dead and I ate in classes too * blame it on the gastric juices..

Erm.. I have nothing further to say.. Haha.

Told you I'm tired! :p

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A turn in my never ending journey.

Okay people, I bet almost no one reads my blog anymore since I haven't updated it in the past... lets say 3 months?

To cut everything short, I had a wonderful Christmas, a different New Year and a great January.

It's been approximately 3weeks since I've shifted to Penang on my own to study at Disted college.
I have to admit it's quite scary being in somewhere rather foreign.. Nolah, I'm exaggerating. What I meant is it's hard to adapt to someplace new without mommy and dada .. or baby Annie.

Disted is not bad lah.
Te lecturers are .. mhhm. there are some really good ones, some fairly good and.. yeah.. there's a variety of them..

I've even made quite a few GOOD or I should say GREAT friends.

Lets see. First there's my roommate. YUEN YU. Seriously, I was so afraid of getting a roommate I can't get along well but now I have nothing to worry about. She's completely sane and I should say extremely cool. Hehe. Thank God we're getting to know each other more and apparently we have a lot in common. It's cool that we're taking the same course and the same subjects!

As for the Penang girls, I've met Khai Kit and we happen to get along real well. Hehe. Though it's been only 3 weeks, it seems like i've known her for a long time.
Wei Yee! Another of my cool penang friend. She's so smart lah. haha.

Then there's the craziest guy in Disted. Yu Wei. He has the same name as Fern Yi's brother, the small boy who is equally as naughty, or less {no offence fernyi}. But he's cool. Perasaan also :p
I can say anything cause I doubt he reads my blog. Haha.

EDMUND! The guy who got me blogging again. I wanted to delete my blog but he inspired me to blog again. The first impression I got of him is a very shy guy who has not much to say. Aha. Time changes everything. Hehe. Edmund is not chatty! Yay. Join the noisy gang ya. Lets curi makan more mentos in class. ehe. I'm bad influence.

Alright peeps, I got to get packing now. It's time to kiss mummy and daddy goodbye.

Till the next time we meet, take care =)