Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Harry Potter fever~

Ironic isn't it? How when Harry Potter was the 'thing', I somehow payed no attention to the book or the movie. I remember lying down on Sui Aing's bed like few years ago staring blankly into her TV screen while everyone else enjoyed the movie, squealing whenever Harry makes an appearance(i think it's Harry). It was either the Philosophers Stone or Chambers of Secret..

It was not till the beginning of the year that I had the Harry Potter fever, both literally and metaphorically.
Literally cause I was reading the books frantically trying to finish it ASAP to find out what happen to Harry and his friends next till I got a fever due to perhaps lack of sleep.
To say I went a little crazy would be an understatement. Lets just say that now, I have watched the movies 1-5 at least twice, and same goes for the book. Each of them, I was equally absorbed in the story line.

J.K Rowling sure knows how to get her readers. Throughout the whole series, I realized that the main theme of this book has got to be friendship, sincerity and love(not the romantic kind). The romantic kind of love definitely appears in the book but it's not the main part of the book, though I have to say the growing romance between Ron and Hermoine is simply adorable!

The Philosophers Stone movie. Honestly, the movie was quite badly done but it's good enough to make a freak like me enjoy it. Lol.

Hermoine is really cute, especially in the first book when she places her hands up frantically everytime asked an academic question. The lil miss know it all.