Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fingers crossed.Toes crossed.

Dear Konsortium Bus Express that carries me from Taiping to Butterworth,

My future depends partly on you. Your bus, the service you provide and your bus drivers who love to speed :s

Here goes, *takes a deep breath*
Waking up at 5:30am to catch the 6:30am bus isn't exactly my defination of fun or interesting.
The journey there, by God's grace was uneventful and rather comfortable, but I reckon the bus driver was speeding as it took about an hour to reach Butterworth after departure.

After my Chemistry Paper 3, I rushed back trying to catch the 10:30am bus but in vain.
I sat an hour at the gross bus stop reading The Star and eating my pau.

The passengers then got onto the 11:30 am bus, sitting there with the majority having a dull expression on their face.I continue reading the papers when the bus suddenly swerved left then right. I did not know what was going on so I held on tight to my seat and the bus then collided with something and then hit the road divider. I was sitting on the left and I saw a van going out of control and down it went into the plantation estate.

What exactly happened, I do not know as I didn't get a vivid view of what was going on but thank God no one was hurt. We then had to evacuate and got on to another bus.
The 2nd bus driver was speeding all the way back to Kamunting. Seriously, he over took most of the cars on the highway. The only thing I could do was to sit back, listen to Gwen Stefani-Four in the morning, cross my toes and fingers and most importantly pray for a safe journey back.

I really thank God this incident took place during my journey back rather than journey there.
If it happened on my way there, I would have missed my Chemistry Paper 3 or if it had happened another day, I would probably miss another more important paper like Chemistry paper 1&2 or something like that.

My O Levels exam depends on the driver and how careful he is.
The only thing I can do now is to pray harder and place my trust in God :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Langkawi trip~Awesome time

Like most of you all know, I'm a really last minute kind of person. It is proven through my studies, my activities and etc. So, here's another reason to call me a last-minute person.

Thinking that it was going to be the most dull weekend as my parents were going off to Langkawi, I tried to think of things I can do to fill up my free time.
Not long after that, I found myself hopping into a rather large ferry and making my way to Langkawi. I know it's really spontaneous but I couldn't say no after my mum invited me to follow them, saying that I needed a break from the past hectic weeks :D

The journey there was rather boring so I spent my time studying for my Business test this Wednesday. Thank God it didn't rain and the weather was rather good.

Here's a picture of my sister and I on the ferry :)She was too busy to smile as she was indulging in a piece of chocolate (umbrella shape). More gimmicks to make kids spend their parents hard earned cash. Hehe. Btw, did I spell gimmicks correctly? *smiles shyly* (i know my eng sucks).

The moment we checked into the resort, I made myself a nice hot cup of coffee to relax.

My first evening was spent at the beach. God's creation, the mountains and everything.Lovely.

Coconut tree!
Langkawi in all its majesty. Beautiful right?
Photographer : Me
I took this picture on my journey home. Along the highway.

Though clouds may get in the way of my sunshine , I know you'll stand by me :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

25th October 2007

TIRING. Yeah, I'm exhausted. I have been travelling to Penang at least twice a week. Leaving Taiping at 6.30 to sit for my exams, and coming back half dead after that . Good experience. hehe.
Anyway, Bible Knowledge paper 2 was good. Thank God. I'll leave the rest (the results) part to God.
Today was Physics Alternative to Practical . It went well. While waiting to go into the exam halls, I made friends with this Phillipino guy named John. Very nice guy. Very friendly.
The other day, I made friends with a girl too. Simeon (I dont know how to spell).

Well, nice friendly people

TO Nat, Happy Birthday. Eunice too :)
May God bless you, nat, and your sister, Eunice. Hehe.
So cute la, your birthdays are like so close.

My brother is coming back in.... about 6 days time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haha. I want time to FLY really FAST.
Then slow down when my exams are over :)
How nice if I have a time machine. Ehhe.
Miss you la, dearest kokor.

Oh yeah, I'm going Langkawi tomorrow. Totally spontaneous. Haha.
In the midst of my exams. Just decided to today.
Tag along with my parents. Good time to relax and unwind.
After two stressful weeks. Haha.
Well, the coming weeks are going to get more stressful.

Okay lah nat, I upload a picture of myself. Hey people, this is edited by Nat :) Thanks ya.
Since you kinda asked for it . Haha.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cake anyone?

The moment I saw these pictures online, the very first question that popped into my head was
"Are they edible?"
Haha. Well, That's not for me to know, but I'm guessing they are .

This cake is amazingly designed. The colourful icing decoration makes it look kiddy and so attractive.
How I wish I could make something like that for my little sisters birthday before she grows out of this kind of cake :p

Christmas cake =) Anyone wana come my house for christmas?
Check out this wedding cake.
Note:See the couple above? Recognise them? They're the stars from Corpse Bride. Lol.
Wow. This is SO going to be my wedding cake.
No no. Maybe this? Gosh~ Yeah, I know I'm crazy planning so young when I don't even have a boy friend. Haha.
Here's the thing :
People don't plan to fail. They only fail to plan.

CUPCAKES! SO adorable. I'm going to learn how to design cpcakes after my GRUELLING exams.

FLOWER cup cake. I'll take the one with the blue flower. You can have the other =P


Saturday, October 20, 2007

In unity.

Everyone was in high spirits (at first). Not long after that, everyone was practically dragging their masses around.

It started out fun. We met at our old/newly renovated church to clean the place up. So a gang of about lets say 15 youths and 6 adults washed the whole place. Yeah, 3 floors. TIRING.
Our purpose to go there was successful cause we cleaned the place up real good. We did a good job, though everyone was exhausted :/

Here's a few pictures of the temporary janitors :)

Wesley Methodist Church, Taiping.

MYFers so hardworking. haha.*perasaan

Meet our... *drum rolls* KETUA JANITOR. *clap hand. haha.

As for me, I'm not in any of those pics cause i naik pangkat already. =)

I'm the camera girl . LOL.

Hey ern wei,no offence kay?



Friday, October 19, 2007

Just some random pictures =)

Just in case you miss my *big* and messy hair :)
Whoa~ This girl is.. *ehem. Taking pictures in the midst of her exams. *shakes head.

Well, I guess it's a form or relaxation?!? Haha

Here's something to look forward too. My DEAREST brother is coming home soon! Yippie =)

I miss him ever so much. Haha. Something to look forward to a fortnight from now.

My baby sister and I. I can't believe she's so big now. I mean, I remember baby Anne coming back from the hospital, only as big as a little kitten. Haha.

Picture above(left to right) : Hoay Yean, me, Sui Aing. Miss you girls so much =)

Picture below : Jessica and I. Believe it or not, she has been my bestie for like. 12 years. Oh yeah, and still is.

I would love to post more pics of my bestie but my computer waas infected with some horrid virus =(
Oh yeah,sorry to the homeschoolers as well. All our pics were gone cause of that (excuse me) stupid virus.

Trying hard to be 'fetch'. LOL

So this hair cut is the 'in-thing' now. They call it the 'Bob hairstyle'.

Well, as for me, I wanted to have short hair for the longest time but.. due to my frizzy hair, I didn't venture into trying new styles till few weeks ago =)

I straightened it and got it cut. Today, I cut it even shorter . Wanted mine to be more like Victorias' but I doubt mine is similar to hers. Nevermind, i'll bring her picture to my hairdresser and ask her to cut it like this. What say you? Will it suit me? Haha.

FEEDBACK people =)


A step to independance.

Yawning my way to the bus station, obviously half asleep, nearly tripped while getting onto the bus. Yup. This was how my day started out. Though I was nervous about my exams, I couldn't force myself to be wide awake and alert. Sad case. Anyway, todays trip to Penang was to sit for my Bible Knowledge paper 1. Yups, I did most of my real studying last minute ( in case you don't know, I'm a last minute kinda person). So, if I get an A for my BK, It's by God's grace. H

The journey there was.. NICE. Why?

1. I got to sit all by myself. The single seater one.

2. It was cold and nice. A little too cold though.

3. I was dreaming all my way there.

4. Everyone was half asleep too. So, the journey there was peaceful.

I reached the jetty early and managed to hop on the ferry without a long wait.

Reached Penang rather early so I went to a coffee shop nearby to have my lunch and continue my last minute studying.

BK test was fine.Thank God. I finished the paper in like 10 minutes cause It was all context questions. So I spent another half an hour checking my work and decided to leave earlier.

I tried to catch the 2.30 bus instead of the 3.30 one but in vain.
So I sat there and indulged in a BIG packet of NIPS(the nutty choco thingie), and read the newspaper.
*duh, I'm on a mission to improve my english*

FINALLY, 3.30pm arrived and managed to find the right bus. =)
Thank God my trip, in a way was rather uneventful. Haha. Which is a good thing.

The moment I reached back, mum, me and baby sis went for a haircut at K & S.
People out there who are looking for a great hairdresser, I recomment this place. Haha.
I'll do more promoting next time.

The next post shall be on my new hair cut. HAHA.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Beauty. God's creation.

It's moments like these, that takes my breath away ~

How splendid are Gods creations! Just look at His work and you will be amazed. He's awesome. He is indeed a God of beauty and love.
No ones handicraft can compare to His amazing creations.
He made His world with beauty and love. How about you? I'm sure He too made you, each and everyone of you, with love and beauty. Everyone is special. No one is entirely superior over another. I mean of cause there is heirachy in your work place of school, but those are just wordly things, for God considers us all equal. Regardless of how much money we have, or how smart we are.
Besides that, God made all of us with two eyes, two ears, a mouth, a nose, a body and limbs. Don't you think we're all the same? We all have a soul. There is life in everyone of us. We're different, yet in a certain way, we are alike.
God is a God of grace and mercy, for He forgives our sins and embrace us when we're facing difficulties. Who is more sincere than He is? No one. That I can gurantee :)
Trust in God, for He is with you. All the time.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Weird isn't it. One full post on verandas. To be honest, I have a strange liking for beautiful verandas. This is because I love to spend my free time lazing around my small porch, sitting on the slightly rusty swings, and slipping into dream land.

I know I sound childish but this is something I really enjoy. Oh yeah, a cup of nice and warm coffee would definately be nice. It's like my perfect afternoon or perfect morning, when I do nothing but sit, swing, and dream.

Here are some pictures I found online about Verandas. They're just amazingly beautiful. How can one disagree with me? Hehe.

Though I may never be wealthy enough to own a Veranda as beautiful as those above, I still believe the best Veranda would be one where I will share it with my loved ones.
It's the people around you that makes a plain porch, a beautiful veranda :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How I wish you were here.

To my dearest brother,

I miss you so.

I'm writing this post specially for you, hoping you will actually read my blog.
Yes, It's okay if you are too busy to read my blog.
I am fully aware that you are in the midst of your exams =)

Maybe someday, when your exams are over, you'll read this.

I'm here to say, I am thankful to have you by my side. To listen to me , even when I'm feeling so crappy or when I'm talking nonsense.

How I wish you were here to watch our baby sister grow and mature each day.
How I wish you were here to watch me grow.
How I wish you were here to talk to me all the time.
How I wish you were here to listen to those crappy Pink Floyd songs.
How I wish you were here to watch Resident Evil 3 with me.
How I wish you were here to choose my new dress =)
How I wish you were here to be with our family, because we miss you dearly.

Though you're not here with me,
I'll always call you up via Skype to disturb you :p
Though you're not here with me,
I'll still think of you all the time.
Though you can't listen to Pink Floyd with me,
It's okay, cause I can always listen to something else.
Though you can't watch Resident Evil 3 with me,
It's okay cause I'll watch it when you're back.

I promise you i'll 'lepak' with you all the time when you're back.
Yes, I want to learn kick boxing because of you, look how you influence me -.-'

Before I continue talking nonsense, I would love to tell you how I wish I could be your baby sister forever , till death do us part =)

Becase I wont mind hanging out with you when you're old, wrinkly and perhaps, a little more cranky. hehe.

Till then, your two baby sisters miss you like anything!
Looking forward to 31st October :)
We miss you so..

* Amy *

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A day before exams ~

I had a wonderful morning. Woke up at 8am, and walked up maxwell hills with my mum and darling sister. I had a great time though it was merely like any morning. It's most probably because I have been looking at things at a different perspective. I am enjoying my life much more than before. After an incident that took place a year plus ago, I was one of the most negative person around. Mhhm.. I guess i've changed? and returned to my old bubbly self. Hehe.

During our walk up, there was a couple walking in front of us. They were both in love. haha.
They looked young and innocent, and happy =D
Well, this kind of love just isn't for everyone, is it? Well, it all depends I guess. hehe.
It depends if a person has the guts to fall in love. I mean, why do they call it ' falling' anyway?

After our walk, we went to the playground! Anne's turn to have lotsa fun. She was running up the big slide and pushing her way through~ ganas!She even bullied a younger girl. mhhhph! naughty~~

Today was one of those rare days where we actually ate out. We usually
ta-pau the food back home. Good exposure for my little sis. hehe.

Here I am now, at home, too lazy to read any more biology. So, I decided to spend my time blogging.

My day is going to be, mundane. I'll have to read my whole Biology text book (thank God I'm already half way through that).
Next, I have to make sure I have everything ready for my exams, which I'm pretty sure I already have them.

Badminton! Yeah, I know it's crazy to play badminton a day before ones exams. According to mum, it's going to help to improve my circulatory system. It's just what I need before my exams. So, I'll go tonight. Plus, I get to meet up with some of my fellow-badminton friends~

Oh yeah, bio alternative to practical is tomorrow.

I'm sure God will help me and He's the only one who can sit beside me and talk to me during my exams =)
What an awesome God we have .. hehe. Yeah, He really is.

Gosh~ I'm supposed to stop blogging -.-

Okay, I'm supposed to stop blogging and start focusing on my exams. As usual, goals like this are usually in vain . Ehhe.

So what's up with me? Well, I've been having really weird dreams about someone. This person doesn't exactly know my existance. I mean we kinda know each other, but, I haven't talked to him in person.

The irony is, I think of him as a good person and those goodie goodie guys but he always appear as the antagonist in my dreams.
I have been dreaming bout this particular person every night. It's like a nightmare =(

Well, anyway, I want to introduce some of my buddies * drum rolls*

Okay, so there's Sui Aing, my bestie. Hehe.
She's so like me. We can talk non-stop about nonsensical stuff. -don't ask-
I'm gonna miss her when I leave this place. My dream and hope is to be her roommate =)
haha. Okies Sui Aing? I book you already. Okies? Haha. Ps: Guy's, don't mess with her. Cause i'll getcha~ Reminder : Ehems* I have muscles kay!:)

Then there's Shernren. haha. He's really nice. I met him at YWC 2006 and he's like among the few I actually keep in touch with. So yeah. Supportive friend.
You have helped me in many ways. Though you're so far away and hanging out with you can only be like a once a year thingie, you're still on my good friends list kay? Plus, thanks for all the"hellos in the morning". They really cheer me up like anything!! haha. PS: I always disturb you during tutorials and lectures eh, naughty me.

Shirley, okay, so I decided to blog about you first. You're cute and funny. You can get the gang laughing. I sure miss you loads cause I havent seen you for the longest time. The times when we used to discuss about the lastest fashion and all. Now, I'm sucha plain-Jane. Well, its all good. Once my exams are over, we can have more girl-talk.Hehe. I love you as you are and you're good in your own ways =)

Nat, you're a nice guy. Though people may talk about you, and say stuff about you, I think you're fine being who you are. You're fun and -talkative-. Haha. You're non-cina style. You look kinda caucasian-like. It's been fun gossiping about you. Oh yeah, your post is so cool, I like it so much. Duh~ I'm in it! haha. Yeah, it's been the longest time since we last met. Don't worry about the messy hair today, like I said, It's the fashion among Koreans now. Hehe. Plus, Im used to bad hair days. I'm quite happy the My News.com didnt sell ciggies. It's for your own good.
Ps: You have a cool slang !

Okays, Im lazy to write more. Have to continue studying =.=.

What I MUST do after my exams :

1. Read more stuff. I mean articles and posts and stories with good English. It's a MUST! haha.
2. I need to start learning how to read and write in Mandrin. According to my dad, it's a must.
3. I want to partay all the time with James, my brother. Im gonna date my brother, mmhmkay, that sounds weird but, hey! Nothing's normal. just joking. I'm gonna force him to follow me shopping and being him, he'll just tag along and complain, saying i'm a very dominating sister. owh~
4. Meet up with my long lost friends and my gang. (You know who you are)
5. I'm going to day dream . I'm a real dreamer.

That's all for now. I better stop now, just in case you're bored :)

*God bless.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Haven't been blogging much lately and I'm really frustrated with my blog. People have been telling me stuff like, ' I posted a comment on your blog. ' ,only to find out I didnt receive anything.

Anyway, I've been packed with work and tuitions. Plus, I have exam jitters. My exams are this tuesday and they drag on for a month. I wish they didnt drag my O's so long. =(

So i'll be travelling to Penang this Monday and I'll be staying with my mum's friend for the night.

I wont be posting anything till after my exams, till then, God bless you all.

If you are sitting for any form of major exams, all the best and take care ! =)


Sunday, October 7, 2007


Miss Duff
I wish I could be like them. I secretly do. Always wondering how they got this picture perfect, I watched a documentary on channel E!.

Apparently, they spend heaps on their looks. From their face to their body. Phew.. I can never afford that kind of lifestyle. 6million for a facial massage ? Gosh~

I guess, I'd rather be plain Jane than spending way more than should. Plus, I'll never walk the red carpet. Haha. I mean as a Celebrity.
On my wedding, yeah. I'll make sure I look gorgeous for my gorgeous one =)

:) The past :(

The past plays a very strong effect on our lives today. It determines our future as well as our present personality.

Do you agree with me? If you don't, it's okay. We all have our own opinions and views.

I used to hold on to my past like a chain placed around my neck. It was strangling me, and yet i was so oblivious about it. I lived each day as if everything was perfect, everything was normal.
It was till one day when I realised, letting go of the past is all i needed to do to return to my old, bubbly personality.

I was suffocating because of envy. Yes, I was jealous of someone. I was jealous of Miss-Perfect while I'm only half perfect.
She was( and still is )gorgeous, pretty, beautiful and guys would fall in love with her the minute they lay eyes on her. They would want her so badly. Because of her, (we) drifted apart.

I was mad at her. So mad..So jealous.
It was a long time before I could forget the past and move on.

Now, I've realised that life is not just plainly about being the most beautiful girl or being the hottest. It's about who you really are inside. No point looking like Miss Perfect but acts like a .. err.. jerk?
Life is about being who you really are( ps: if you're horrible, i mean really horrible, which i doubt you are, it'll be a different story)you'll realise how beautiful life is. How God can constantly mould you and shape you to be who He wants you to be. The more you allow Him to guide you by your hand, the happier you'll be.

I have learnt this personally and It's a beautiful experience.
I'm also thankful for the people around me constantly guiding me and talking to me.. Helping me through tough moments :)
God bless you all.

You know who you are lah. Cause you know the whole howeeble story .

Love you all loads :)

Special thanks to Nottynotty Nat, for inspiration to blog about something like that


New look, new thoughts.

Okay people. So I had this crazy I idea and I cut my hair short. Bob style. It's not exactly bob but something like that. I wanted mine to look like Victoria Beckhams or Rihanna and mine ended up looking slightly more like Rihannas'. It's not bad and I think I look okay in it. Though.. Nevermind..

So what do you think? Credits to Nat for editing my pic =)

Tonight was wondeful. In fact, today was wonderful. It's merely a simple sunday but I guess it's because I look at things differently. Well, I spent my morning in church and Pastor Tan was talking about Christian Service and it got me thinking. The moment I finish my O's, I'm going to tutor the less fortunate children for free. At the same time, I can share with them God's grace and mercy because God indeed have blessed me abundantly.

Afternoon was great. Why? Because I did nothing but bumming around and talking to some great friends. They really make me laugh. Plus, the laugh at me too :) And I'm glad about that.

Then night came. Went over to my grands to have steamboat. Trust me.. My grandma's steamboat soup recipe is the BEST :) Similar to buying a ticket to heaven. No, that's exaggerating. Just trying to explain how good it taste. Hehe. Prawns, loads of fisshiesss.. Seafood. Meatballs. Yum Yum.. My uncle, the best joker around was there constantly entertaining us. Overall, I.. I mean we, had a wonderful time.

So, I just want to say thanks to a few people.

Anne: Baby sis, you kept me smiling and laughing all day.
Li wern: Big bro, you're irreplaceable. Thanks for everything.
Nat:Thanks for helping me edit my photos. They look great. Thanks too for entertaining me with some crap. lol.

And the lists goes on and on.. Friends, thank you kay? Can't be typing it all down cause indeed I'm blessed with many friends who bless me :)


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Here's some random stuff.


I was talking to a friend just now about studying in America. We ended up talking about the safety there, especially in New York.

Me:Yeah, it's like you can get shot by your enemy.*touch wood*.

Nat:Nah, you can randomly get shot..*touch more wood*

Me:Not forgetting you can even get bombed anytime...*hugs a thick tree*.

Well, here some random stuff. At least I think it's funny. Hehe.

Ps: Nat is a cool guy. *someone perasaan* Muahaha.

Yup, I love babies :)

Babies are beautiful . Yes, they are. A baby is selfish, naughty and sometimes smelly. Still, I love them for being all those. They are born to be selfish but their parents teach them, they're naughty, their parents punish them.
They are so adorable, everytime I see a little baby, I feel like doing nothing else but going straight to him/her and giver him/her a nice cuddly hug. Unfortunately, I can't do that to every simgle baby I see.

There's my baby sister. She's already 5 but she'll always be my baby sister. No matter how old she is. She's cheeky, cute. smart, beautiful, adorable and like I said just now.. Selfish and a little smelly at times. She's so adorable that she can make my brother and I do stupid things just to see her smile and her rosy cheeks turn rosier. *smiles* Whenever she wants something, she'll give me the doggy doggy eyes and say ' Jie, can I please have it? ' Then i'll usually say ' Yes. ' Then she smiles.
On occasions when I say no, this is what happens. She'll say 'Jie, please.. can I have it? I REALLT REALLY want it '. Then I give her whatever she wants. Hehe. Nola. I mean depends on what she asks for =) I love her so muchie..

Then there the drop-dead-handsome baby Brian. He's one of the most adorable babies ever lived. He's witty, cute and chubby. Ps: He's greedy as well. He can really eat alot. I clearly remembered him stuffing Honey Stars into his mouth and it's like he has special saliva that he's is capable of swallowing without chewing. HAHA.

Babies are cute.

The moment I see a baby, I remember God's ever lasting love. He looks after us like we are babies. His constant care and love makes us grow and mature. He is strict when we do what we shouldn't. That's why, we are called his children and I'm proud to belong to Him.

Another thought.. Some people are plain cruel! Baby Ying Ying was burnt. She would have turned 3 few days ago. Im sorry this have to happen to her. Poor child. May God bless her.
Then there's Nurin. *exhales loudly* What is this world turning to? Please pray for the safety of the people around you and if you have siblings or children, make sure you keep an eye on them all the time.

That's all for now .
Take care and may God bless you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The girl who is obsessed about her hair .. hehe

<-The Alba look .. Nice?

-> The Ashley Tisdale look . =)

Is it wrong to be obsessed with something? o_O

The girl above, the plain jane look * . *

Okay, so this is my latest hairstyle. I mean my fringe finally GREW back! After mum's disastor.
It still sucks, but at a lower percentage.

After my exams, im going BOB. Hehe. Don't laugh but yeah, I want to try something new. Plus, if it doesnt suit me, it'll grow back by the time I enter UNI. =)

I just woke up and my feelings are all tangled up. Blame it on Marcuz(sweet revenge konon). Hehe. JUST JOKING.
Like -bigboymarcuz-said,'I'm a brave girl =)'.. *smiles proudly*

No, wait. It was me who said it, and convinced him to agree. o_O.

I'm currently sitting down with my Business Studies book infront of me(only half my attention to it).. Sipping a cup of coffee.. mmhhmm.. yumm..

YAY! Yih Hon[big boy marcuz] is starting to blog again. and he said its cause of me. *smiles proudly*
God bless you and your girl =)

I'm so happy you still remember me once in awhile ;)

Okay peeps, that's all for today. I've been blogging more than I should already .

Till the next time I blog, take care and God bless you all..

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I want to go Switzerland!! Specially for Lynn*Roxie Applie..

Impianku............ Versace.
Lost for words...

I'm dying to be right there.

I want to be no where but here..

Okay, so Im writing a post when Im supposed to be studying. HAHA.
Well, just shows how bored am I. I cant seem to focus much. My little cousin is going to Switzerland in a few days time! It's so cool . I wish I could go to but mum says I can, if I graduate(provided I study hard in the process), work, save hard, then I too can tour Europe..

Lynn, remember to enjoy yourself to the maximum. You're so fortunate. Thank God for that =)..

My Engish teacher told me about her experience at Switzerland. According to her, she wished she could just settle down there and live there forever. It's sooo beautiful.

Do you want to go Switzerland now??

I do.. *drools*