Monday, December 21, 2009

Summer holidays.. What have I accomplished?

Holiday starts from ( Nov 2 2009 ) and ends on ( March 2 2010). Todays date ( Dec 22 2009).

I'm gona start off by telling ya what I planned to do during this LOOONNNGGG summer holiday.

1. Read as much as I can.
2. Spend more time with my sister.
3. Read The Economist.
4. Make potpourri.
5. Learn Tango/ Salsa.
6. Swim a lot, without getting a shade darker.
7. Sing 'Two is better than one".
8. Learn how to master cooking Italian food.

etc etc. The list goes on.


What have I accomplished?
Deng-deng-deng.. DENG.

1. I've only read half the amount I planned to.
2. Been spending heaps of time with her so all good :p
3. Haven't even read ONE magazine, no offense, those stuff are boring =(.
4. Not even one potpourri done yet.
5. Not one tango or salsa move have I accomplished.
6. Been swimming heaps but I ended up two shades darker .......... cool.....
7. Almost there?
8. Haha. My pastas are frankly still quite bad.

Oh wells. I still have time. I better hurry though. Time flies!! seriously.

Note: I'm really missing NZ and my friends <3>