Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just random ramblings

Frankly speaking, it's been ages since i last blogged, that I have not a clue what am I going to write in this post.

I guess probably just some of my random ramblings and thoughts.

The past few months have been harsh but yet beautiful. Ironic but true.
Days passed by so fast.. and yet so slow. Then again, ironic.

I guess that's what happens when you have the crappy things that happen in life mingling with all the most beautiful moments.

I've been trying to find the key to life. To live life to the fullest, a way where I can find a remedy to everything, and where I can be a better person. However, the truth is, there is not one single key, which can open the door to all.

The only way is to fall, to listen, to see and to love. I think that's they 'key' for me.

To fall and to fail, is only so that you can get back up again, to learn from failures. To listen is to hear what others can advise you, especially the wise ones. To see, is so see how you can improve, as self improvement is a constant battle. Seeing is also to see what you can do for others.

Love, I believe to be the most powerful of all, is the one that brings the best out of you.

In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities.
by Janos Arnay

Monday, December 21, 2009

Summer holidays.. What have I accomplished?

Holiday starts from ( Nov 2 2009 ) and ends on ( March 2 2010). Todays date ( Dec 22 2009).

I'm gona start off by telling ya what I planned to do during this LOOONNNGGG summer holiday.

1. Read as much as I can.
2. Spend more time with my sister.
3. Read The Economist.
4. Make potpourri.
5. Learn Tango/ Salsa.
6. Swim a lot, without getting a shade darker.
7. Sing 'Two is better than one".
8. Learn how to master cooking Italian food.

etc etc. The list goes on.


What have I accomplished?
Deng-deng-deng.. DENG.

1. I've only read half the amount I planned to.
2. Been spending heaps of time with her so all good :p
3. Haven't even read ONE magazine, no offense, those stuff are boring =(.
4. Not even one potpourri done yet.
5. Not one tango or salsa move have I accomplished.
6. Been swimming heaps but I ended up two shades darker .......... cool.....
7. Almost there?
8. Haha. My pastas are frankly still quite bad.

Oh wells. I still have time. I better hurry though. Time flies!! seriously.

Note: I'm really missing NZ and my friends <3>

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Complaints VS Gratitude

(I find this illustration very true)
I believe that most of you who are reading this post now is lucky and well off enough to have access to a computer, nonetheless the internet.
I realize that we, especially people in our generation have lost the simplicity of life, and we no longer find gratitude in most things we are blessed with.
For instance, I too am equally guilty of complaining whenever dinner is not up to what I wished for not realizing how many kids are starving around the world. Besides that, I have been complaining about exams and the stress that comes along. I just spend so much time complaining and complaining without using the time to sit down, reflect and realize how lucky am I to be able to study in a university doing the course I want to.. A dad and mum to ring up everyday and not have to worry about my next meal.. Or shelter.. Or clothes to wear.. Or even a nice comfy toilet to use .. haha

Many people these days tend to take for granted the fact that they have food to eat everyday (delicious meals, most of the time), a home to live in, education at the palm of their hands.. and even luxuries here and there, may it be from something small like having a cup of coffee to something big like getting a new cellphone .. etc.. etc..

I have complained for too long.. It's time I show some gratitude and thank God for all my blessings.
Like in the Bible (Luke 17:11- about the 10 Lepers)..

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Done it before in A Levels..
Was pretty happy with this paper all semester..... until... NOW when I have to sit for the test.. and and and.. I have been happily procrastinating.

It's not all like A Levels and a few new chapters are introduced in this paper and I'm currently juggling with the numbers (like the man in the picture) . HAH.

I have till thursday. Him nae!! lol

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exams are so damn FUN

Does wrapping up a semester sounds like fun?? Definitely, but there's the darker side too.
Yeaps. For everyone who is as last minute as i am, you probably can feel my pain. Lol.
4 external exams within 7 days is the BEST definition of fun.
Psychology, then Statistics and both Accounting and Management on the same day. Fingers crossed! XX

(A sunset picture, credits to my brother)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Celine Dion..

I just loveee her music! She's just simply awesome.
I would vote her as one of the best -love song- singers of all time..
I grew up listening to her music.. Starting from one of her first hits 'My Heart Will Go On'..
Oh .. So romantic..
All her songs just brings about a certain kinda ambience where you just want to fall in love..
And live your life according to her song.. Haha..
I just stumbled across one of her songs.. And I fell in love with it..
'When I need you'..
Youtube it! heheh..

Friday, October 16, 2009

Time flies

Time really flies.
I can't believe it. Just like a blink of an eye and it's end of the semester already?

It seems like merely yesterday I met another crazy amy (think I'm crazy? you haven't seen this one yet).. along with Felicia.. Teresa.. Annie.. Calvin.. and the list goes on * yes, i'm blessed with many lovelies <3

Napier was fun too. I had really awesomely weird and crazy moments there with Mandy. For example, locking myself inside the toilet? Wth, so exciting* Temata Peak.. National Aquarium and Honey Farm. Lovely..

Can't wait for this semester to end to go back home to Malaysia .. Yet not looking forward to the part where the exchange students are going home (T.T).. I'll miss them all during the summer!

On the plus side, we're going to be camping together at the study area to study HARD OUT for our finals which is just round the corner *hehe*.. Therefore, we'll be spending ample time together..

most of all.. I'll miss our noodle sessions (sighs)..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My food list ~

Roti Canai : OMG. I miss my late night supper sessions with Wendy eating roti canai.

This is my staple. Char Kuey Teow. Me and Yuen Yu used to try different stalls in Penang, and actually rate them. HAHA.
Nasi Lemakkk. ps: Lemak means FAT. or smth like tht.
Curry mee. Has oil and coconut milk inside. sounds good right? kills your arteries :p
Har MEE. (Prawn noodles).

It seems like forever since I last ate something very Malaysian and it's been bugging me.
I love Malaysian food. Unhealthy as it sounds, I don't care :p

Can't wait for November. Who wana go on a food spree with me?
*so that I wont feel so guilty eating alone and growing fat ALONE*

ps : Sui Aing, I'm dragging you along kay.

note: this pictures are stolen from the net. Thanks to those who uploaded it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I can't help myself..

I can't help myself from reminiscing..

I can't help myself from reminiscing about you..

I can't help myself from reminiscing about you and me..

Old memories, old times.. Remains as fresh and as vivid as ever.

Though I wish sometimes, it wasn't that vivid. 

Cause I only wish to turn back time..

And live that vivid memory again, just once more (:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I can't believe...

I can't believe I'm actually blogging RIGHT after finishing the Methods section in my lab report. It's as though I'm not sick of writing yet. Lol.

I've been really busy lately, since now is exam and assignment season. Just can't wait for it all to be over. Then I'm free! <3