Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Complaints VS Gratitude

(I find this illustration very true)
I believe that most of you who are reading this post now is lucky and well off enough to have access to a computer, nonetheless the internet.
I realize that we, especially people in our generation have lost the simplicity of life, and we no longer find gratitude in most things we are blessed with.
For instance, I too am equally guilty of complaining whenever dinner is not up to what I wished for not realizing how many kids are starving around the world. Besides that, I have been complaining about exams and the stress that comes along. I just spend so much time complaining and complaining without using the time to sit down, reflect and realize how lucky am I to be able to study in a university doing the course I want to.. A dad and mum to ring up everyday and not have to worry about my next meal.. Or shelter.. Or clothes to wear.. Or even a nice comfy toilet to use .. haha

Many people these days tend to take for granted the fact that they have food to eat everyday (delicious meals, most of the time), a home to live in, education at the palm of their hands.. and even luxuries here and there, may it be from something small like having a cup of coffee to something big like getting a new cellphone .. etc.. etc..

I have complained for too long.. It's time I show some gratitude and thank God for all my blessings.
Like in the Bible (Luke 17:11- about the 10 Lepers)..

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