Thursday, February 26, 2009

A few pics of NZ and before,

Miss Fatty Dumpling. A gift from my very lovely buddies. *love ya'll*. See, this extremely cute/fat/round cow can barely fit into the box. hehe
A glass bowl or cup? Hehe. A gift from my dear.
Roses! On Valentines day, from the boyfriend again. How sweet. The roses were his representative this Valentines cause he couldn't make it.
Awesome anyway.
James, my awesome brother, who helped me carry my bags :D, at Changi Airport. Haha..
My coffee! First New Zealand coffee at christchurch.
Outside the airport..
James, again. Outside Christchurch airport..

Flowers at Botanical Gardens..

Wish you *dear* could be here with me at this beautiful gardens.
Orientation morning! With the Tepuni shirt on..
Meet Spidey, who turned up during speed dating at Te Puni. Wonder who's the 'Mary Jane' who's gona unmask him tonight. Haha.. Jk
SOme of my new friends. Alex and Charlotte and a guy, erm, who was involved in speed dating as well :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New chapter of Applie's book

(Wellington, New Zealand - Harbor View)
Never did I ever imagine time could pass so fast without even noticing or cherishing every single moment that needed to cherished. It's tormenting sometimes at merely the thought of things constantly changing so quickly and having to adapt to new endeavors.

About a week ago, I made perhaps the most significant decision in my life, which was to go New Zealand to study/grow/mature/have fun?/party?/meet new people and etc..
Little did I know about what flying away to a new place so far away from the people you love and people who actually care about you means.

Only now (a week later) can I slowly comprehend the pain everyone goes through during this process. There are lonely times where I would just run over to my brothers place to chat with him and his friends. Times when you feel like you don't really belong cause of the vast cultural difference as well as new people who already have cliques of their own from high school-It's really hard trying to break into their cliques. On top of that, the difference in temperature is like 20 degrees from where I came from-colder of cause. My fingers turn blueish-purple from time to time. Wait, did I tell you it's summer now? The 'best' part is yet to come, ey? 'Can't' wait for winter!

Okay, enough of the negativity. I hope it's not getting on you. Anyway, besides all that emo times, I am actually having fun here. The people here are generally nice despite the many preconceived ideas I've had before coming. There are some of them who are exceptionally nice and caring. We've done crazy stuff together like standing under the hot sun chatting for almost 2 hours- I know, to me it's crazy cause I usually hide from the sun. I got sunburn too! In New Zealand! Don't you think you wont get burnt in colder countries. You'll be so wrong about that. I'm a living testimony. Haha..
I've also made several nice friends and that's really cool.

The food? Oh yeah, I was really worried about adapting to western food cause as most of you know, I like the unhealthy Malaysian diet. Want me to enlighten you bout what I would love to have for breakfast? Tadaa-> Nasi Lemak(yummm), Char Kuew Teow(crazy, I know!),Wan ton mee(my goodness).. Now you know how I became what I am. Apparently, you are what you eat?? Haha..
Suprisingly, I'm actually cool with the catered food. Not really 100% according to my liking but it's nice in a different way.
I really like this dip call Hummus. It's Middle Eastern food made out of chickpeas and garlic(i think) and other stuff. Funny though.. Had to come to a western country to taste middle eastern food when Malaysia is actually more related to middle east.
Toast bread and Hummus. Nice.

The milk here is cheap! The budget ones cost like about $2 (plus or minus) for 1 litre. Imagine that!

But,I really can't wait for the year to end despite having fun or whatever. Home is still home, where my loved ones are.
One thing though, I really have to thank God for the many blessing that were sprinkled/showered on me throughout this tough period.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Heaven knows what the future holds, or at least where the story goes..

I am still struggling to accept facts that I cannot comprehend.

How things can change so significantly just because of a few decisions that seemed so insignificant at first.
How my thinking can change, how people around me can change.
How things that were meant to be the same can change out of a sudden without any form of warning.
How I look at things.

I really don't know what the future holds for me.