Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My food list ~

Roti Canai : OMG. I miss my late night supper sessions with Wendy eating roti canai.

This is my staple. Char Kuey Teow. Me and Yuen Yu used to try different stalls in Penang, and actually rate them. HAHA.
Nasi Lemakkk. ps: Lemak means FAT. or smth like tht.
Curry mee. Has oil and coconut milk inside. sounds good right? kills your arteries :p
Har MEE. (Prawn noodles).

It seems like forever since I last ate something very Malaysian and it's been bugging me.
I love Malaysian food. Unhealthy as it sounds, I don't care :p

Can't wait for November. Who wana go on a food spree with me?
*so that I wont feel so guilty eating alone and growing fat ALONE*

ps : Sui Aing, I'm dragging you along kay.

note: this pictures are stolen from the net. Thanks to those who uploaded it!

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